Visions of America's "We the People"

Music by Roger Kellaway
Lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman

We the People, We the children of the dream.
We the people, We the ever flowing stream.
We the keepers  Of a flame that we must pass from hand to hand
Across the land.
A land of forest green and meadow gold,
Of river young and mountain old,
From sea to shining sea.

We the People, We the hand upon the plow.
We the People, We the sweat upon the brow.
We the builders  Of the bridges and the cities rising high
To scrape the sky.
A sky that knows the sound of eagle’s wings
And holds the promise that it brings.

Just as the Earth needs sun and rain to live,
Freedom needs all the love that we can give.
Guarding it ev’ry day, So we can safely say, No one will ever take it away.

We the People, We the singers of the song.
We the People, We the weak and We the strong.
We the hist’ry, We the tellers of the tales of legends past
And why they last.
And why their words are written on the walls
And echo down the hallowed halls.

It’s not the flag we raise.
It’s not the song of praise.
But it’s the hope for all our children
As they face tomorrow!
We the People, We the People, We the People!