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Special Presentation: Joe Sohm Speaking 2011

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Visions of America: Photographing Democracy

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Visions of America: A Photo-Symphony Concert for America

(Premiered in Philadelphia, PA, January 25 – Februay 1, 2009 In five sold out performances.)

Patti Austin performs “We the People” with the Boston Pops, May 2010

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Lincoln Memorial montage

Lincoln Memorial montage

VOA31-6052 — via Photoshelter

Joseph Sohm presented at the Axial Financial Group’s Client Appreciation Event in Boston, Massachusetts in January 2011. One attendee wrote:

“Richard and I truly enjoyed Joe Sohm’s phenomenal presentation that evening, and his book is absolutely spectacular! We were able to connect with Joe’s pleasant, easy-going personality, his pictures were breathtakingly beautiful, and I was deeply moved by the video as a whole.

CLINT EASTWOOD?? REALLY?? It just doesn’t get much better. His voice added so much to the production, and made it an even more compelling narrative than it would have been otherwise. I feel very strongly that Joe’s presentation deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. It’s message makes you stop and take a moment to reflect upon how lucky we all are…I really think every American citizen should see it at least once!”

Joseph Sohm speaking at the Apple Store in Boston, Massachusetts; January 14, 2011.
“Meet the Author / Photographer” demonstration for photography “Made on a Mac.”

Since 1978, Joseph Sohm has made keynote speeches and multimedia
presentations to more than 100 venues across America.
He is represented by Cathryn Armstrong of Experience Partners
(email:; phone: 978-610-2525)


All of our hard work is going to result in recognition and dissemination of the Visions of America book, presentations, music and interviews. Let’s keep the ball rolling!

December 28th, 2010

Here’s one of Joe’s gang..

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